Growing up as I did in the ’70’s, there were some furniture throw-backs in my past. I remember my mother’s living room furniture when I was a young ‘un. Mostly I remember not being able to sit on it. Or go near it. Or bring food in the room it resided in. Upon pain of […]

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Construction Moves Forward

Why, you may ask, is there a need for scale models of horrific things? To understand. To learn. This model has a specific home it will be going to: the Criminal Justice Department at Northern Michigan University. There are tools uncountable in the digital age to save and present images. If you have the means, […]

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Construction Begins

Construction begins with plans. There were multiple floor plans of the house where the crime was committed. Most didn’t have any measurements on them. Some had some measurements, but nothing close to complete. There was a bit of math to get the layout put down so I’d know where the walls would go. Plenty of […]

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The Research

The first part of this project was the research. The idea to build a crime scene had been hatched in a couple different conversations with my favorite miniaturist over the course of a couple different years. The first ideas were bits of macabre little brainstorming, discussing how odd scenes of tragedy are when they are […]

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