Growing up as I did in the ’70’s, there were some furniture throw-backs in my past. I remember my mother’s living room furniture when I was a young ‘un. Mostly I remember not being able to sit on it. Or go near it. Or bring food in the room it resided in. Upon pain of death. That item of furniture resembled this one more than I’m really comfortable with. I found myself wanting to move it to a room I didn’t have access to. Old habits die hard.

I don’t remember what ever became of my mother’s living room furniture. I remember when it was gone because it was replaced with a sofa. This was, by the way, NOT A SOFA. A sofa was something comfortable that you could sit on. This was an unfriendly item in a room that was supposed to be walked through with purpose, not dawdled in or (GASP!) sat upon.

This piece is important in the tableau I’m building. The convicted murderer supposedly was set upon by drug-fueled intruders while sleeping on this. From the crime scene pictures, the construction is quite true to the result. There will be two throw pillows coming soon, one in leopard print.

Construction is a conglomeration of birch ply, pine scraps and dowels. The cushions are made from pink rigid foam insulation. Ever try gluing pink foam? Everything I tried ended up causing the foam to collapse. The last thing I tried, E6000, waited hours until it began to destroy the foam which required making the back cushions twice. I had upholstered the cushions with glue and set things to dry to return the following morning to back cushions that had deflated to the point where the upholstered fabric was no long taught. My upholstery skills were not developed in 1:12 scale and my ham-fisted claw found working in miniature quite difficult when stretching and affixing. The glue was abandoned and the cushions were upholstered with stick pins.

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