Ten Thousand Details

As the pieces come together, the count goes up and up. So many tiny little bits go into making the whole project. It’s beginning to look like a house, with little jobs here and there that nag at my sense of completion. I’d love to be able to work 18 hours a day on it […]

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Assembly Begins

Final assembly. It’s a big step! I expect it will take at least a couple of weeks, if not longer. There are still some items I’m shopping for or planning the build. Above is the laundry room. The trim works out well! The floors turned out quite well. The product, a paper-backed wood veneer, looks […]

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A Word About Our Sponsor…

Above is a picture I found on the internet of the crime scene. There is enough information presented in this picture to get an investigator asking all kinds of questions. I’ve found many pictures and even more photos of this crime scene. It’s daunting to be presented with this information; it’s horrible. It’s violent. It’s […]

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