I’m Just Floored Lately…

Floors going down. Door holes…getting a little bigger. Lesson learned: confirm your rough opening before putting your walls up. I made an almost informed decision and based my rough openings on averages. Turns out the actual openings are about a half an inch bigger than I anticipated. If I was six inches tall instead of […]

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A Little Vacation

All work and no play makes Dave pretty much who he is. Until he isn’t and he takes a break on the Gulf Coast. Christie, the better half, and I spent a couple days basking in the warm sun for a change. It was good to get away from the cold and snow for a […]

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Putting the Fur in Furniture

I’m a big fan of learning things. New things, old things, things that are beyond me. The one thing you keep learning as you learn things is that you can continue to learn things. For instance, I’ve been dabbling in physics since I was in my twenties. The term ‘dabble’ is fitting; my math skills […]

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