I’m Just Floored Lately…


Floors going down. Door holes…getting a little bigger. Lesson learned: confirm your rough opening before putting your walls up. I made an almost informed decision and based my rough openings on averages. Turns out the actual openings are about a half an inch bigger than I anticipated. If I was six inches tall instead of six feet, I supposed it would have been less of a pain in the ass to cut the holes bigger. As the walls were all in place, it was trip to the seventh level of hell. Particularly trying to cut from the hallway. There are a few spots where I’m patching the walls from the Dremel chattering out of control. Hand cramps.

I also learned a little about scale walls. The door frames are designed for 1/4″ thick walls. Mine are 1/8″ and that means a little alteration in the trim work. It’s not the end of the world, but I sure wish I’d known…we live, we learn. The next one will be a breeze compared to this one.

Two closets and one small piece of hallway left to floor. The pre-fab flooring sheets work really well, even if there is a warp in the wall. They seam up very well on the edge but not so well on the butt end. The way the sheets are constructed, the butt ends meet nicely. They just don’t want to butt up to each other as well sheet-to-sheet. A difference of less than a millimeter makes a pretty big difference. I’ve kept the seams down to a minimum, but there are a couple that could have been better.

My thought for the next project is to take the sheets and cut the individual flooring pieces out with a razor knife. It will take a little more time to put individual pieces in, but the butt edges should be a little easier to deal with spacing them out.


Furniture delivery today! The bathroom fixtures worked out quite nicely. The dimensions of the rooms were all taken from the police-drawn house layout. They were incomplete and many walls were placed by estimating distances. The tub fits wall-to-wall like the bathroom was designed with the dimensions in mind.

I can’t believe how small and cramped the bathroom is. This is the big one, too! There’s another 1/2 bath on the other side of the plumbed wall. No tub. It’s even smaller. This was an actual house, mind you. It held a family of four.

I have a file with over 150 pictures of the crime scene it in. Every room is represented in the evidence file. There are at least a dozen pictures of this bath. Do you think one of them could have had a picture of the floor in it? I understand they were more interested in capturing evidence and there was none worth noting on the bathroom floor (plenty on the walls and sink). Still, it would have been handy to know what the damn floors were done in. I have no clue.

The big news: I found a set of figures for the victims. All of the construction so far has been normal doll house construction. The figures will start the evidentiary modeling. The evidence in the rest of the house has to wait until the floors and walls are finished. Those are steps coming soon. The figures will start being modeled immediately upon receipt. Clothing, injuries, positioning; all are quite important in this tableau.

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