Professional Development

Check out the article appearing in the Sunday, November 18th edition of the Mining Journal, written by Cecilia Brown.

This fall has seen some good use of the MacDonald nutshell in the classroom. The first full class use was on November 6th with a class of Criminal Justice undergrads for a Criminal Investigation class. 20181106_180418

The class was amazing! I’m finding it is more of the norm than an exception. This is a first semester investigation class, so this is their first exposure to investigative procedure. These students rocked it! Their questions showed how strong a program NMU has.

In order to continue assessing the program, we presented it as a single night class for the Northern Center for  Lifelong Learning, as well. Most of the attendees were retirees, so the demographic was completely different. The results were just about the same – amazingly competent investigators!

The concepts we teach with this nutshell are centered around patterns of evidence. Instead of the investigator being presented only with the scene, they are also presented with reports generated from the case: blood spatter maps with blood type results, autopsy and medical reports of the victims, investigative interviews, and even trace evidence reports. The job of the investigator is to make an informed judgement on the veracity of the statements given when compared to the physical evidence they find.

The program continues to grow in popularity and in use!

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