Picture Day

Sorry for the delay getting pictures up. I had an issue with my phone. I’m not terribly technical, it seems. I think, perhaps, if I could see the screen a little better I might be. But my eyes are old. Working in miniature is a great idea for someone with old eyes. I have magnifying glasses, lighted magnifiers, stereo micro viewers….and I sorely need all of them.

The desk with the decedent’s works.
On the floor of the two room flat: piles of old pizza boxes. They’re greasy, too. I went for a high level of realism. Not pizza grease, but petroleum jelly. That way it won’t mold. The small black square is a wall transformer for a cell phone. Both the wall transformer and the cell phone are represented in the full-size evidence collection of the scene.
If this is the view from your bedroom, what does that tell you about your position in the world? Yes, that is a giant rat. It also speaks to the motivation of the decedent. All he had to do to take the garbage out was open the window.
The view out the bathroom window. Not a garden apartment, I’m guessing.
The corpse on the floor. The reason everyone came. Lots of research into lividity timetables and speed of putrefaction. I’m doing some research into 3d modeling and printing so some other aspects of the scene can more accurately be displayed. A hard plastic doll can’t be made to bloat and the design of this scene had to be adjusted for that. The lividity is still reddish, so the corpse is not that old, but it is set.
The investigators investigating. The notes they took were very good. They wrote down so many details.

The completed version of Unattended Death is a good representation. Care was taken to put good wear marks on the floors, the doorway is appropriately dirty with hand prints. The wall around the light switch in the bathroom is the same. There are rock and roll posters on the walls, one with a corner hanging down. A lost tack?

The next creation is something new. In purchasing pieces for various other constructions, I’m not always perfect. I clicked where I should have read more and bought a bedroom set in 1/4″ scale. For those unschooled, that’s 1/4 the size of 1 inch scale. Tiny. This new one is a little bit of whimsy, not something for the Nutshell collection. It’s an art installation that will be going in the yard for passers-by to enjoy: no corpses or crimes involved. It’s moving along at a brisk pace so I’ll be sharing some pictures of it in short order.

Drop me a line if you have of a mind to. I’m always interested to hear what is going on in the world of little weird things! The design phase of Nutshell #3 is going to be ramping up in short order and it’s promising to be interesting. So far it looks to be based on an actual case and the construction will be something new and interesting.

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